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It's important when you hire a company to remove or control wildlife in your home that they operate in a full-service capacity. There is much more to removing animals like raccoons or possums from your attic, garage, or outdoor area than people think. Once the animal is removed, you may have to deal with large amounts of animal feces, nesting materials, and other foreign elements that have been brought into your home in order to protect your investment and your family.

Get your home inspected for wildlife in Leesburg
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Getting Your Home Inspected


The first thing you'll want to check off of your list if you have an invasive wildlife species setting up shop in your home is an inspection. This will include inspecting both the interior of your home, the immediate exterior (roofline, gutters, porches, etc.), and the yard. You'll likely find future projects, but concentrate on what needs to be done immediately to solve your wildlife problem. That's what our technicians do, and once they've made a plan for inspection with you, they may need to return to inspect during different times of day in order to observe the wildlife properly.

Different types of animals will have unique habits to their species. Wildlife inspections require some common tools, as well as technology that is unique to industries like ours. Snake cameras are something most wildlife operators carry so that they can investigate hard to reach spaces in the homes, such as inside walls, without causing costly damage to the existing structure. However, most wildlife inspections will only require a knowledgeable technician, a good flashlight, a ladder, and the appropriate safety gear: helmet, gloves, and air mask.

Trapping and Removal Services


Wildlife trapping and removal takes years of practice and training to do properly, and our techs are highly proficient. They use state of the art traps from companies like Havahart, and use the appropriate baits for each animal to ensure they aren't attracting new wildlife into the area. The vast majority of our trapping is done in order to spare the lives of wildlife creatures that have invaded your home. An exception to this particular set of ethics is the trapping of rats, which cannot be done without exterminating them. This is because rats are small creatures that breed frequently. Rest assured, the lethal traps we use for rats are designed to end their lives quickly and without any pain or suffering.

In order to perform a successful trapping, an inspection is necessary to discover the habits of the creatures. Their habits and routes of travel are revealed in the trapping, so this is how we know where to set the traps. For instance: raccoons that are nesting in your attic will not be trapped inside the attic; we will place these traps along the building exterior near where they are entering and leaving your home. This ensures that we can do our job efficiently and discreetly for you.

Get your home sanitized in Leesburg
It's important to sanitize your Leesburg home agter wildlife have infested it

Wildlife Sanitation and Inspection


During our thorough investigation of the interior and exterior of your property, we found out all of the necessary information about your animal control problem in order to trap the creatures, as well as start planning for cleanup. Wildlife sanitation and waste removal is no joke and if not done properly, can have lasting effects on both your property, and your overall health. Our technicians do this part of the job with care and concern for your family and home as if it was their own. We take pride in our work and want to make sure that you have a safe place to live for you and your family.

Animal feces contains large amounts of bacteria and can contain disease-carrying particles, as well as different types of household pests like mites, ticks, roundworm, and other nasty little insects. Often times, an animal control problem causes a pest control problem that is overlooked. Make sure that when you hire a technician in Leesburg, Florida that they are aware of this and can either perform pest control services or recommend a great local provider before letting them into your home.

Repair and Restoration After Wildlife is Removed


Once a home is rid of animals, animal waste, and pests, it's time to get down to repair work. Our special repair and restoration team have all the tools and materials necessary to get your home looking brand new again. Unfortunately, a lot of animal infestations do serious damage to insulation and drywall in attic spaces, and must be removed. Animal waste, inside of an attic, breaks down and seeps into the insulation, and eventually the drywall. If you have brown stains on the ceiling, don't assume it's water and paint over it. Call one of our guys for a free inspection!

Animals don't just cause damage with their feces and urine. They will claw and gnaw at just about anything in your home if it is of benefit to them. Rats like to csharpen their teeth on drywall, plumbing, wiring, and trusses. Raccoons are adept at removing shingling and fascia board, and will easily pop soffit out of place to make an entrance to your attic space for themselves. Our guys know what to look for, and how to replace it–fast! Give us a call in Leesburg today!