Animal Control for Leesburg


People who find us in the yellow pages contact us and ask what types of animals we remove. All of them! As long as it is legal to do so! You see, there are several species that are protected in Leesburg, and we make sure to adhere strictly to those federal statues, state regulations, and local guidelines, in order to keep to the letter of the law and protect both ourselves and homeowners like you from hefty fines and litigation. Among the animals we remove are bats, raccoons, squirrels, birds, opossums, snakes, rats, and more! Didn't see something here? Call us anyway, we'd love to talk to you and if we can't remove the animal, we will recommend a reliable local provider who can.

Remove rats from your Leesburg home
Our team removes rats in Leesburg, Florida

Removing Rats in Leesburg


Rats are no joke. Some keep them as pets, but we kill them and get them out of your home. It's not as crude as it sounds; we use instant-kill traps that do not cause the rats any harm. Once we catch those little menaces in our traps, we dispose of them according to Leesburg rules for animal carcass removal, and perform sanitation and repair services.

Removing Birds in Leesburg


Birds are not one of our most common species to remove, but when we have to remove them, it's usually a pretty simple task. Birds fly away from their nests to feed and mate throughout the day, so it's usually pretty easy to exclude them from a home. We also do large scale commercial bird exclusion and removal. Contact us for both residential and commerical quotes.

Remove raccoons from your Leesburg home
Our team removes raccoons in Leesburg, Florida

Removing Raccoons in Leesburg


Raccoons are clever and will probably be pretty good at living in your attic undetected for a while. However, they do not use a toilet and will probably alert you to their presence with the odor of urine and feces coming from your attic. Close up your garbage cans and don't leave any food outside!

Removing Bats in Leesburg


While not as common of a request as raccoon and rat removal, bat removal is still a high priority for us. Bats can spread the deadly disease histoplasmosis and generate several pounds of guano in a week if the colony is large enough. Gross!

Don't See It Here?


If you have another species making a mess in your home, give us a call anyway! It's our pleasure to take your call and we will be happy to discuss your options.